Technology has made life a lot easier for us all.  From mobile phones to cars, we are able to do things faster and more conveniently than we’ve ever dreamed of.  Nigeria has not been left out in technological advancement.  With the advent of mobile phones which came into the country around 2001, business transactions have been facilitated and deals negotiated over the phone.

Then the telecommunications companies decided to release internet facilities and boom! E-commerce, social media, online transactions and all whatnot came into Nigeria, making life easier and more convenient for the average Nigerian.

It is in view of this that Clear Code Labs sprung up. The company’s vision is to provide technological solutions to make life easier for Nigerians.

So far, our vision is on course. We have built a mobile app, 38seconds event to help Nigerians manage their events.  People who are into event management will find this app especially useful. This app can be downloaded from Google app store.

Clear Code Labs has also been able to build an e commerce site, to help internet-savvy Nigerians who love buying things on the internet. This shopping cart can easily be accessed on the website given above.

Our latest project is a donations site to help NGOs, charities and organizations raise funds for causes. It will be completed shortly and you will be able to access the site and make use of the facilities it contains for your philanthropic activities.

I hope this post has given you sufficient insight into the services Clear Code Labs has to offer. Don’t forget to share with your friends if this helped. Also, you can follow this blog and/or join our Facebook group Clear Code Developers.

Feel free to share your experiences with technology in the comment section!


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