Do You Use An Ecommerce App?

Ecommerce apps are the rave of the moment! You might have seen some sites like Jumia, Konga, and OLX and you may have wondered at how this might be useful to you. Stay with me here.

Ecommerce is defined by as a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. From this definition, you can infer that such internet transactions will include trading, auctions, and even business activities between companies. So you may be wondering why should I care about ecommerce?  Picture this scenario to yourself to understand why you should care.

You opened a new store for the sale of handbags, scarves, and jewelry. Your friends have bought items from you several times and are starting to complain about the cash crunch in the country. You have no money to pay for expensive TV commercials, as most of your customers are highly placed and are too busy to visit your store. You can feel your chest tightening and the panic rising within you as you picture to yourself donating your store items to a charity because the items will soon go out of vogue. But calm down! The solution is easier than you think.

With an ecommerce website and a mobile phone app, your customers can locate you as your products and services are available via the internet. You needn’t worry about debtors as they have to pay in full with the app before the product can be delivered to them. You feel accomplished as you smile to the bank, knowing full well that your store will soon empty out for the next season’s goods. And it gets even better.

With Clear Code Labs, you can design an ecommerce website and mobile phone app for your business. Just in case you were wondering if our services were targeted at solely big corporations, your worries have been put to rest, as Clear Code Lab’s services are inexpensive and innovative!

Just give us a call on +2348122356701 or email us at

Business has never been easier with Clear Code Labs!

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