Clear Code Labs: Software Development

When you hear the word software development, do you think it is alien to Nigeria?

If you haven’t, don’t worry; that’s why this post is written. Just to enlighten you!

Software development is here with us in Nigeria and has been around for a while.

Now to the big question: what is software development? Software development is the process of creating a software product by:

  • Computer programming, where a problem is stated and a program is written;

  • Documenting, where how to use the software is either written or presented pictorially;

  • Software testing, where the software is run to see just how well it works;

  • Bug fixing, where errors and unintended results in the software application are corrected.

What are the different types of software applications out there?

All application software currently in use fall under 12 different types. The table below details them

Types of Application Software


Word processing

Microsoft Word

Database software


Spreadsheet software

Microsoft Excel

Multimedia software

Windows media player

Presentation software

Microsoft Powerpoint

Enterprise software

Customer relationship management software

Information worker software

Documentation tools

Educational software


Simulation software

Scientific software

Content access software

Software for accessing content via a web browser

Application suites

Microsoft office

Engineering & product development software



Who are Software Development Services Ideal For?

Software development services cut across all sectors of the economy. As such, they are ideal for:

  • Individuals, e.g. a scientist looking for a software to help with carrying out a research or product development;

  • Corporate entities e.g. businesses, governmental bodies, NGOs, financial institutions, institutes etc., looking for a specially made custom software (software developed just for them, like websites and mobile apps) for commercial use.

  • Individuals or corporate entities looking for a specially made custom made open-source software (open-source software is software that users are given the right to study, change, and distribute the software for any purpose. An example of open-source software is website template.)


What if My Custom Software Requires a Feasibility Study?

Sometimes, you might feel uncertain about just how well your custom software will be received by the general public. After all, we can relate to your need for security. No one wishes to spend huge sums of money on visionary custom software, only to have it poorly received by the general public for whom it is intended.

This is why a software development company has a team of marketers on ground that carry out systematic market research to determine just how well the finished software will be received by the target demographic.


Here’s what to do next. Contact us on:


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We look forward to a joyous and meaningful working relationship with you; that’s why we are in business to make you happy and financially secure!



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