Are you aware that blood donation has lots of health benefits? Not only for the person receiving the blood, but also for the blood donor. If you are unaware, it’s time to read this article!

Blood donation is power-packed with loads of health benefits for the blood donor. Below are some of the benefits for the blood donor.

  • Weight loss

Blood donation is great for weight loss, especially for those who donate blood regularly. This is especially useful for overweight persons and those at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Do speak with your doctor before going for a blood donation, as regular blood donation is not intended to replace a healthy diet and physical activity.

  • Lower cancer risk

Blood donation helps reduce your risk of having cancer, as depletion of excess iron stores in the body is associated with lower cancer risk.

  • Maintains heart and liver health.

Blood donation is great for keeping the heart and liver healthy, especially as it maintains the iron levels in the body. Some foods make the body store excess iron, which can lead to liver disease like cirrhosis and irregular heart rhythms.

  • Lower Hemochromatosis risk.

Blood donation is great for helping the body lower its risk of hemochromatosis, which happens when the body absorbs excess iron. Hemochromatosis can be caused by alcoholism and anemia.

  • Lower cholesterol

Surprise surprise! Regular blood donation helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. This is because blood donation helps reduce iron in the blood and prevent fat deposition on the blood vessel walls.

  • Stimulate production of new blood cells

Regular blood donation helps the body stimulate the production of new blood cells as the body works to replenish the lost blood cells.

Do you wonder how you can reap the benefits of blood donation?

Now that your interest has been piqued, do you know any way you can reap the above-cited benefits of blood donation, added to the joy of saving a life? There is a way forward!

MedInfo, a blood donation app by Clear Code Labs is designed especially for the altruistic people out there who wish to save a life and bring joyful smiles to the family and friends of people in need of a blood transfusion, as one pint of blood can save 3 lives!

Why not download our cutting-edge mobile app, MedInfo from Google PlayStore and register on it today? It is absolutely free!

Remember to call us on 08122356701 to share your experiences with using the innovative app. We’d love to hear from you.

Here’s what to do next. Contact us on

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We look forward to a joyous and meaningful working relationship with you; that’s why we are in business to make you happy and financially secure!




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